Mindelheimer Museen

About us

Christian Schedler M.A.

Director of the Museums and the Cultural Office District curator of local history 08261-90976-11 museen@mindelheim.de

Friederike Haber M.A.

Deputy General Manager and Director of: Swabian Nativity Museum Carl Millner Gallery Southern Swabian Archaeological Museum Museum Education 08261-90976-12 friederike.haber@mindelheim.de

Doris Wenzel

Director of: Textile Museum – Sandtner Foundation 08261-90976-13 doris.wenzel@mindelheim.de

Markus Fischer

Director of: Museum of Local History and the museum depositories District curator of local history 08261-90976-90 markus.fischer@mindelheim.de

Veronika Vogt

Director of the
Swabian Tower Clock Museum

08261-8339 oder 20353

Marlies Schmitt

Secretary of the museum office
and Cultural Office 08261-90976-11 Fax 08261-90976-50 marlies.schmitt@mindelheim.de

Museum desk

Eva Leinsle (left), Dagmar Mock (2. from left)
Petra Königsberger (2. from right) und Edeltraud Wolf (right) 08261-90976-0 museen@mindelheim.de