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Visitor Information


The museums are open again. Because the risk of infection with Covid 19 is still high, we advise our visitors to wear face masks in the museums, both for their own protection and for the protection of others.

Please note:
We are currently working on the digital accessibility of our website and this will be available shortly.

Guided Tours

We offer themed tours for groups by appointment.
We offer guided tours in English and Italian.

How to find us

By car

Autobahn A 96, exit Mindelheim, direction “Stadtmitte” (town centre), then follow the signs to the museums.

For the “Museen im Colleg”, there is parking space directly in front of the former Jesuit College building or in Georgenstraße. The Tower Clock Museum is located in the town centre, where parking is difficult. For these museums, it is therefore best to park at the Forum or in the underground car park located in Frundsbergstraße.

By train:

Hourly connections from Munich, Augsburg or Lindau, Ulm, Memmingen to Mindelheim. Exit at Mindelheim station, from which it is approx. 1 km walk along Bahnhofstraße and through the picturesque town centre. It is also possible to order the “Flexibus” to take you from the station to the museum. Please contact the museum administration for more information

Town map

Opening Hours

Textile Museum – Sandtner foundation Swabian Nativity Museum Southern Swabian Archaeological Museum/branch museum of the Archäologische Staatssammlung in Munich Carl Millner Gallery – Romantic Landscape Painting Tues. to Sun. 10 a.m.-12.00; 2 p.m.-5 p.m. and for groups by arrangement The museums are closed on 24 December and 31 December. If an official holiday falls on a Monday, the museums will be open (generally closed on Mondays). Postal address: Museen im Colleg, Hermelestrasse 4, 87719 Mindelheim, Germany Swabian Tower Clock Museum in the former St Silvester’s Chapel Wed. 2 p.m.-5 p.m.; last Sunday in the month, 2 p.m.-5 p.m. and for groups by arrangement (Tel.: +49 (0) 8261/8339) Postal address: 87719 Mindelheim, Hungerbachgasse 9 The Museum of Local History is closed for a few years pending comprehensive renovations and the move to Mindelburg Castle. Postal address: 87719 Mindelheim, Schloss Mindelburg 1

Admission fees

Regular admission: 2.50 euros
Concessions: 2.00 euros
Family ticket (per household): (2 adults + any number of children up to 16 years): 5.00 euros
Annual ticket, only for Museums in the former Jesuit College building: (one person): 10.00 euros
Children and young people up to 16 years, schoolchildren, students: free
Membership in Dt. Museumsbund, Dt. Verband für Kunstgeschichte, ICOM : free
Pensioners, people with disabilities, ALG II recipients: free


- Information on various topics as PDF for download


We are certified

You will find detailed information about accessibility here (in German) – Reisen für Alle

The Swabian Tower Clock Museum is partially barrier-free for people with walking difficulties and wheelchair users.
Mobile seating is available for visitors in each museum.
We have a small museum shop offering postcards, books, etc. related to our museums. (see information below).

  • There is one unmarked parking space for people with disabilities (space size: 500 cm x 500 cm) in the courtyard behind the building; reservation is required.
  • The building is accessible without steps.
  • Almost all rooms and facilities that can be used by guests are accessible without steps or by means of a lift.
  • Exception: The Carl Millner Gallery can only be reached via three steps, 19 cm high.
  • The lift cabin is 110 cm x 140 cm in size. The lift door is 90 cm wide
  • All doors/passages that can be used by guests are at least 70 cm wide.
  • The cash desk is 81 cm high at the lowest point. It is also possible to speak at the cash desk while remaining seated.
  • Most of the exhibits are visible from a seated position.
  • Information concerning the exhibits is generally readable from a seated position.
  • Mobile or fixed seating is available for people with walking difficulties
  • There is a public toilet which is accessible without steps and has a door width of at least 70 cm.
  • There is no clear, optically perceptible alarm signal.
  • There is no inductive hearing system at the cash desk.
  • An outgoing emergency call in the lift is confirmed acoustically.
  • Guided tours are offered for visitors with hearing disabilities, but not for deaf people.
  • Free W-LAN is available.
  • Assistance dogs may be brought into all relevant areas/rooms.
  • The entrance is visually contrasting and recognisable by a tactile change of flooring.
  • An outgoing emergency call in the lift is confirmed acoustically
  • The stopping position of the lift is not announced by voice.
  • The operating buttons are visually high-contrast and detectable by touch.
  • Alternatively, stairs are available.
  • Stairs are not visually contrasting. Stairs have handrails on both sides.
  • Exhibits are generally well lit.
  • Information about the exhibits is generally provided in writing and is visually contrasting.
  • We do not offer guided tours for blind or visually impaired visitors.
  • The name/logo of the museum/facility is clearly recognisable from outside.
  • The destinations of the marked paths are within sight distance, or there are further signs within sight distance.
  • Information on the exhibits is generally provided in writing, but is not available in plain language.
  • We do not offer guided tours for visitors with cognitive impairments.


Textile Museum, Swabian Nativity Museum, Southern Swabian Archaeological Museum, Carl Millner Gallery:
The museums in the former Jesuit College building are served by a lift accessing all floors.

The sanitary facilities are equipped with a changing table and an accessible toilet.

Hands-on terminals, media and films ensure an entertaining museum visit.

For families with children, the Textile Museum, the Swabian Nativity Museum and the Tower Clock Museum each offer their own interesting information and hands-on terminals.

Mobile seating is available for visitors in each museum.
We have a small museum shop offering postcards, books, etc. related to our museums.


Mindelheimer Museen
Administration: Hermelestrasse 4
87719 Mindelheim, Germany

Tel.: +49 (0) 8261-90976-0
Fax: +49 (0) 8261-90976-50